Sports Funding and Provision


Staplecross Methodist Primary School


Primary PE and Sport Premium Indicators 2018-2019


Total Fund allocated:  £   7,050                                                                                                                            


Our children love all forms of physical activity and we are grateful for the improvements we have been able to make because of the additional funding from the Government. Encouraging all children to benefit from different forms of PE is a vital part of our school aims. It also supports our Curriculum in helping them understand the benefits to maintaining good levels of physical and mental health and well-being.


This funding has helped us provide additional opportunities for all pupils, contributing to their social skills, as well as developing physical skills and abilities.  

Key Indicator 1: Engagement of all pupils in regular physical activity


Percentage of total allocation:  30%


School Focus with clarity on intended impact on pupils.

Actions to achieve

Funding allocated

Evidence and impact

Sustainability and suggested next steps

Provision of good quality PE lessons (2 hourly sessions each week)

Use of Pass and Move to lead and model PE lessons for identified year groups.


Subject Leader monitoring of class timetables as well as quality of provision of activities.  Long term plan reviewed for breadth and balance of curriculum.


Governor monitoring

School staff enabled to continue good practice, using experience of Pass and Move.

Provision of broad and balanced PE Curriculum throughout the year.

Hire of Village Hall to store equipment and use Hall during winter months.  Additional use for alternative venue in wet weather all year round. Annual inspection of gym equipment.




Subject Leader and governor monitoring.

Good community relations and ongoing booking  arrangement.

Key indicator 2: the profile of PE and Sport being raised across the school as a tool for whole school improvement

Percentage of total allocation: 0%

School focus with clarity on intended impact on pupils

Actions to achieve

Funding allocated

Evidence and impact

Sustainability and suggested next steps

Annual Healthy Living week held to involve all pupils in additional sports and physical activities.

PE Subject Leader to set timetable in collaboration with Science Subject Leader. Linking activities to understanding of  nutrition, the human body and impact on general well-being.


Pupil views gathered after the week.

Staff and Subject governor to review week and decide on changes for following year.

Completion of MUGA project which has given the school a high quality space and surface for PE sessions.

Long term project, now reaching completion.

PTFA funds, donations from parents and Health Improvement Grant used.

Pupil and parent voice.  Frequency of use for PE sessions and extra-curricular activities.

High quality rubberised surface applied in April 2018.

Daily mile introduced  across whole school

Developed from last year.


Pupil views gathered after one term.  Highly successful year in terms of inter-school sport.

Staff and governors to review in terms of impact on pupils and how activity fits into school day.


Key Indicator 3: increased confidence, knowledge and skills of all staff in teaching PE and Sport

Percentage of total allocation: 17%

School focus with clarity on intended impact on pupils

Actions to achieve

Funding allocated

Evidence and impact

Sustainability and suggested next steps

Pass and Move employed to model a range of disciplines to identified staff across year.

Timetable organised to access identified staff.


Subject leader and governor monitoring.

Ensure all staff have access to expert led lessons.

Improve staff skills at providing high quality PE session with good progress and extension activities.

Access to PE Planning site for units of learning.  Liaison with Pass and Move instructor.


Subject leader monitoring shows well -structured and differentiated teaching.

Subscription to continue.


Key indicator 4: broader experience of a range of sports and activities offered to all pupils

Percentage of total allocation:  45%

School focus with clarity on intended impact on pupils

Actions to achieve

Funding allocated

Evidence and impact

Sustainability and suggested next steps

Additional Dance Club set up in order that more pupils can access this activity all year.

Liaison with external provider.  Hall space booked and 3 different aged groups set up.


Dance Off event organised with partner school. Dance Club involved in different performances throughout the year, including Summer Play.

Only sustainable if funding available.  Continue to organise Dance Off event. Apply to take part in Hastings and Rother Dance Project: Time to Dance.

Offer of  extra -curricular activities: Football, Netball, Running, Rounders

Netball, Running and Rounders provided by school staff/parents.

Football provided by Pass and Move.


Club attendance figures monitored.

Subject Leader to monitor to ensure clubs sustainable in terms of adult leaders and funding.

Swimming lessons offered to all Key Stage 2 children in order that all children are able to swim when they leave primary school.  Important life skill and good for confidence of a wider range of pupils.

Liaison with local private school with suitable pool and qualified instructor.  Hire rates negotiated. Transport organised and sufficient adults timetabled for supervision in pool and changing.


Qualified swimming coach but paid for by parental contribution.


Transport costs paid for by PTFA

Pupils’ progress monitored and certificates given for skills achieved.

Annual arrangement with private school and qualified swimming coach.

Outdoor Activity Week organised for Years 4 and 5 in term 1

Suitable provider chosen.  Parents’ meeting held. Staff to prepare children in terms of experience to come.

n/a paid for by parents

Pupil voice indicates positive experience, with many new activities tried and team building successes for all pupils.

To be provided every other year.

Provision of intervention  programmes for identified pupils to improve gross/fine motor skills.  School to develop links between physical co-ordination and learning readiness in all areas.

Member of staff identified and trained for Jump Ahead.  Equipment purchased and timetable set up.

Dance Write programme purchased for EYFS and lead practitioner identified.




SENCO and PE Subject Leader

Additional member of staff trained in order to provide back up support.


Dance Write to develop as part of provision for EYFS from September 2018.

Sufficient resources available for variety of PE activities across the year.

Resources checked and supplemented throughout the year to match PE Long Term Plan.

Purchase of speakers so that Dance/activities to music can take place anywhere on school site.





Key Indicator 5: increased participation in competitive sport

Evidence and impact:   8%

Participation in HRSP inter-school events.

Different year groups involved in inter school events: athletics, Gymnastics, netball, football, badminton, cross country.


All year groups from Year 1-6 participate in local inter-sport events.  Monitored by PE subject leader.

Hastings and Rother Sports Partnership well supported by local schools in annual contributions so ongoing provision.

Organisation of shared PE events and matches across Federation.

Liaison between Subject Leaders as to possible clubs/classes, eg Netball and Football clubs, Dance Club.


Pupil/parent questionnaire.

Dependent on availability of parent transport, variety of clubs operating.  Organise Federation access to local secondary school minibus and qualified driver.